Flexible, Reliable, Transparent Management Solutions

Who are We?

Lean Sea is a full service, personalized ship and yacht management service delivering
integrated management solutions to owners and investors.

Whether you own a single vessel, a fleet, a yacht, or expedition ships, our knowledge, experience, and resources allow us to provide you with a smooth ownership experience you can count on.

What we do

We have a range of specialised ship and yacht management services. Our expertise lies in assisting ship owners and organisations with the implementation of sustainable solutions. 
Our goal is to make services and solutions – that are usually only reserved for large, multinational companies – available to all ship and yacht owners. 
With full-cycle fleet support, including registration and on-board management services, Lean Sea offers bespoke, 24/7 services to you and your organisation. Our ship management services include:

ISM/ISPS Management

Safety is always top priority, which is why we ensure all International Safety Management (ISM), and International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Codes are adhered to when it comes to technical, crew, and shipment safety and security. 

Crew management & Talent Development

From managing existing crew members, to recruiting highly-trained talent, Lean Sea is always on top of all operations when it comes to attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining skilled individuals to help grow your operations.

Technical & Electrical management

Lean Sea strives to reduce risk and manage all planned and unplanned maintenance on vessels. With round-the-clock support, line maintenance, regulatory compliance, and more, we guarantee high-standard services at all times.

Supply Chain Services

In order to minimise operational costs, we help you ease up on input expenses while ensuring your operations are running at optimal efficiency and profitability. With thorough strategizing and supervision, we manage your sourcing, procurement, and logistical operations.

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