ISM/ISPS Management

Lean Sea has a robust, integrated, and dynamic management system that ensures all of our ships and operations are fully compliant with the latest international and industry regulations and standards. These practices allow us to combine a broad spectrum of expertise to provide cutting-edge insights while establishing a foundation for efficient, effective safety management systems. 

With holistic strategies, high-standard compliance practices, and a positive safety culture, Lean Sea exceeds regulatory requirements. We believe in always adhering to nothing less than the highest safety standards. Welcome to your go-to for ISM/ISPS Codes Management. 

Technical & Electrical management

Lean Sea has a team of highly trained in-house experts who are passionate about ensuring all technical and electrical components operate at maximum efficiency. While we ensure all planned and unplanned maintenance efforts commence efficiently, we also strictly adhere to safety and regulatory compliance at all times. 
Our technical and electrical management services include: 
–       Mechanical maintenance and support services
–       National and international regulatory compliance
–       Planning and supervising maintenance and repair services
–       Providing surveyor and consultancy services when and if needed
–       Quality and safety implementation
–       Solving any operational emergencies
–       Dry docking
–       New building supervision

Crew management & Talent Development

We provide the necessary and essential training to potential talent and crew members to ensure productive and professional ship or yacht operations. We understand that crew members are the backbone of any operation, which is why we make it our mission to acquire the right people and to train them beyond expectation. 
Our crew management & talent development services include: 
–       Hiring, training, scheduling, payroll, and benefit management
–       Attracting diverse talent groups
–       Matching candidates with comfortable and fitting working environments
–       Recruiting impactful and loyal individuals
Ensuring all candidates are adequately adaptable, agile, and ambitious

Supply Chain Services

Lean Sea expertly maps and supervises all operations involved in the sourcing, procuring, and directing of supplies. This includes networking and communicating with our network of suppliers and customers to ensure value-added services at all times. Our goal is to remove bottlenecks that result in unnecessary expenses, while boosting operations for optimal efficiency and minimal risk. 
In collaboration with a number of different suppliers and customers, we guarantee smooth sailing supply chain management services at all times. 

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