Where Transparency & Integrity Rules

Lean Sea is a data-driven ship and yacht management service established with a focus on sustainability, high-level expertise, transparency, and integrity.

We understand the challenge of finding a ship management company that genuinely offers trustworthy and transparent services and solutions, and we take pride in our ability to provide just that. 

Our Mission

To deliver valuable, reliable integrated management solutions to ship and yacht owners, organisations, and investors who want to develop and grow their business operations. With a more focused, personalised approach, Lean Sea aims to help customers grab onto new opportunities, transform operations, manage and lower risk, and drive growth. 

Our Vision

To become a trusted ship and yacht management service provider that thrives through agility, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

Why Choose Us?


We have a dedicated financial analyst who provides you with the insight and perspective you need to grow your business. We also offer segregated accounting, fuel consumption and optimisation strategies, trend identification and proactive logistics management, and fleet management and purchasing recommendations. At Lean Sea, there are always ways of optimising your operations – be it through financial modifications, analytics, or general management transformations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our team strives to make every working environment as supportive, respectful, and warm as possible. This mindset is established in all areas of our management services, whether in recruitment, advancement, retention, and internal networks. 

Attention to Detail in Procurement

We effectively manage spend and risk when it comes to third-party supply and procurement. We’re committed to ensuring all purchases and services are sustainable, have the lowest environmental impact, and will deliver positive social results. 
Our procurement team focuses on: 

–       Implementing sustainable practices in purchasing evaluations
–       The development of monitoring mechanisms and evaluations to ensure compliance at all levels
–       Encouraging and leveraging public-private relationships
Providing high levels of transparency throughout all levels of our procurement process

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